Castello Aragonese d'Ischia

Spend a peaceful holiday at the Castle. Dine while looking over Ischia from one of the terraces. Organise your event in a place without equal.

"Il Monastero" hotel

The most exclusive things are not always unattainable or studded with opulent luxury, the value of something often lies in its innocent simplicity, in the case of a holiday location this is nothing more than the adherence to the cultural context, the care and respect of the traditions and the exaltation of the nature that surrounds us.

The "Il Monastero" hotel is more than just a stay: it is both the landing place and the departure point of the traveller seeking the truth of the places he chooses to visit. And not only because the hotel is located within the Aragonese Castle, but because it has the atmosphere of an old convent, of a place of history, of an island in the Mediterranean which breathes in every corner, in every moment.

The hotel offers the bed and breakfast format. Those who want to stay for dinner in the Castle will sit at a table with a view of "La cucina del Monastero" which offers unforgettable views of Ischian cuisine.

081 99 24 35

"La cucina del Monastero" restaurant

(open only in the evening and upon reservation)

On starry summer nights, the few tables overlooking the sea, away from the hustle and bustle of the island and immersed in the quiet of the Castle, are a fantastic setting of your journey on the discovery of Ischian flavours.

081 99 24 35

Special events

The Castle also hosts special events: aperitifs and cocktails are offered during cultural and vernissage events, as well as open-air wedding ceremonies and parties.